Poetry Recording

An audio-tape of Mary Crow reading her poems is available from the American Poetry Archives at San Francisco State University:

Quilt – Color Blocks #35 ©1993 – Nancy Crow

Quilt: Color Blocks #35
©1993 Nancy Crow

Sample Poems

"Mary Crow's poetry has a singular, austere form which lends her poems great clarity of vision and depth of emotion. Reviews have described her verse as extended haiku, where the language expresses a sentiment which haunts the reader long after the poem is read and the book closed."

—Michael Henry

Poet Mary Crow "Mary Crow's search is unflinching—her eye sees 'lobotomized' culture 'sucked into' American TV serial romances."

—Charlotte Mendel

"Mary Crow's spare style lends authenticity to the journey we are asked to share and to the speaker's reliability as a reporter. What we get is an exotic realism that is all lean muscle and tension in a landscape of self-discovery."

—B.J. McGrath

  • After a Certain Number of Years, the Light Changes
  • Climate Change
  • Climbing the Hills to Mojacar, Spain
  • Fault-Finding
  • Flaubert's Egypt
  • Implications of Color
    and Space
  • Interruptions
  • The Morning of the Morning
  • Saturday Matinee
  • Travel

Magazines & Literary Journals

Mary Crow's poems
have appeared in magazines and journals throughout the United States.

A partial list includes:

  • A Public Space
  • American Poetry Review
  • Beloit Poetry Journal
  • Denver Quarterly
  • Field
  • Freshwater Review
  • Hotel Amerika
  • The Massachusetts Review
  • Nimrod
  • North American Review
  • Poetry East
  • Prairie Schooner
  • Ploughshares
  • Verse
  • Willow Springs