PEN USA Translation Award Finalist
Engravings Torn
from Insomnia
by Olga Orozco


Lannan Foundation Award
Engravings Torn
from Insomnia
by Olga Orozco


Colorado Book Award
Vertical Poetry:
Recent Poems
by Robert Juarroz


Columbia University's
Translation Award

Woman Who Has Sprouted Wings: Poems by Contemporary Latin American Women Poets.

Quilt ? Constructions #72 ©2003 ? Nancy Crow

Quilt: Constructions #72
©2003 Nancy Crow

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Translations by Mary Crow

2011 – Vertical Poetry: Last Poems

Published: White Pine Press, 2011

"A talented and loyal translator has given fresh attention to a poet who much deserves it. Juarroz had a quiet, level voice that moves you toward surprising revelations, and Mary Crow has deftly brought that voice into English."

—John Felstiner

2002 – Engravings Torn From Insomnia

"Although Olga Orozco has won almost every major literary award from her native Argentina and her work has been translated into fifteen languages, no single volume of her poetry exists in English – until now.

Award-winning translator, Colorado Poet Laureate Mary Crow has chosen the finest of Orozco's poems for this long-awaited Spanish-English bilingual collection, Engravings Torn from Insomnia."

—BOA Editions, Ltd.

1992 – Vertical Poetry: Recent Poems

Reissued: White Pine Press, 2011

"Mary Crow has the sound and pitch of the Juarroz poems."

—W. S. Merwin

"Mary Crow has given us a poet of miraculous lucidity and mystery at once. Her translations are marvelous in themselves and share the beauty and importance of the work. [Juarroz] is a poet to compare with Octavio Paz."

—David Ignatow

1990 – From the Country of Nevermore

"Jorge not only one of the best poets writing in Chile today, but original poet with much to offer us. Teillier shows us how to write about feelings of nostalgia with honesty and stunning beauty.

Mary Crow's translation is quite good.... She has recreated the personal intimate element in Teillier's work; and like him, she achieves an almost conversational tone as well as the haunting quality of his voice."

—Jonathan Cohen

1987 – Woman Who Has Sprouted Wings

"This volume presents a group of outstanding poets, many of whom...are known only within their own countries....The fluent translations not only recreate faithfully the poets' works, but, more significantly, reflect the personal, intellectual, and emotional circumstances that prompted them.

The brief biographical sketches of each poet and Mary Crow's perceptive and knowledgeable introduction round out this extraordinary volume."


Magazines & Literary Journals

  • Poems translated by
    Mary Crow have appeared in numerous literary magazines and journals.

    A partial list includes:
  • American Poetry Review
  • Denver Quarterly
  • The American Voice
  • Seneca Review
  • Pequod
  • Review: Latin American Literature and Art
  • Agni
  • Mänoa
Quilt ? Constructions #71 ©2003 ? Nancy Crow

Quilt: Constructions #71
©2003 Nancy Crow

Mary Crow, an internationally known poet, has had her work translated into Spanish, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian.